Electrolysis & Red Vein

Electrolysis hair removal 

Introducing the Apilus Platinium Epilator

At Select Beauty Salon, for 15 years we have been using the Apilus Platinium epilator. It is a world exclusive design which makes use of synchro-computerised technology. It is swift and concentrated, making treatments barely perceptible. With the unique Pico flash mode, the Apilus Platinum offers comfortable and permanent hair reduction. It can be used on the face or any other part of the body. 

Electrolysis at our award-winning salon

Electrolysis is known to target the hair follicle from the inside. It may lead to a destruction of any cells responsible for hair growth, while protecting the surface of your skin. Electrolysis is known as a 100% effective method used for permanent hair reduction. It is suitable for all hair and skin types. If you wish to try it, visit us in York and we'll give you a free consultation. This will also include a short 5-minute session for £10.00 (normally £15.00) so you can see how electrolysis feels for yourself.
The Apilus Platinium electrolysis technique
The Apilus is one of the most advanced epilation techniques used to remove unwanted hair permanently. The system is designed for the client:-
Painless; Reduces Reddening of the skin; Assures excellent results.
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For red vein removal and electrolysis, call Select Beauty Salon in York on 01904 770 604 today
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